Verbindungen zu C. Peter Wagner

Interessant ist zu wissen, dass Paul Traxel ein guter Freund von C. Peter Wagner sein muss, wenn er es geschafft hat, in seinem aktuellen Buch erwähnt zu werden. Es heißt " Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians ".


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Paul Traxel and Global Harvest Ministries
Toward the end of the 1980s, a German missionary to Malawi, Paul Traxel, enrolled in the School of World Mission. Paul was attracted to my pragmatic approach to church growth and missions, and we became friends. Paul, I soon found out, was actually more of an entrepreneur than a normal missionary. His mission board, like mine, and most others of that day, had been strongly influenced by the spirit of poverty. [--> Das ist eine seiner Irrlehren: Es gibt diesen sog. "Geist der Armut". Siehe folgende Bücher in Arsenal Bookstore, welches von ihm verlinkt wird: Marketplace and Finances . Das ist eine Lehre der Dämonen! Paul weiß ja anscheinend, wie er diesem "Geist der Armut" mit seinen verlogenen TXL-Märchen immer wieder entkommen kann.] That is why they became upset when they discovered that Paul had begun importing automobiles from South Africa into Malawi and, because of currency exchange rares, was making a substantial profit. It didn't matter that he was using his profit for missionary work. The rule was that missionaries should receive their money from donations through the harne mission board, and not engage in worldly, profitable businesses on the side. The mission board eventually asked him to leave.
In Fuller [--> (Eine Schule für Rebellen und Feinde des Kreuzes)] , Traxel began taking courses, and he did well. I was able to award him a David Yonggi Cho scholarship to attend the annual convention at the world's largest church in Seoul, Korea [--> , , (beten in dämonischen "Sprachen")] . But as time went on, Traxel's entrepreneurial projects began overshadowing his academic pursuits. He was trilingual. Raised by a German family in Latvia, still behind the iron Curtain, his first two languages were German and Russian, and he had learned English as well. He had attended and graduated from Rees Howell's Bible School in England [--> , , (Das beweist eindeutig, das Paul Traxel ein heimlicher Pfingstler war/ist)] . Among other things, he started buying and selling fine art. He established an import-export business. He was sending American computers to Russia in exchange for Russian lumber. He landed the contract to provide the clothing and memorabilia for the Russian Olympic hockey team [--> the traxel corp. ] . He started a telephone company 10 years before MCI, which eventually failed [--> wie heißt/hieß sie?] . He got into the oil business in Siberia and at one point had to purchase a Swiss bank to handle the cash flow [--> welche Bank?] . He began a business of wholesale marketing of clothing [--> wie heißt/hieß diese Firma?] and was the first to bring whole airplanes loaded with merchandise from Korea into Russia.
One day, Paul invited Doris and me out to dinner. The conversation soon turned to missions and missiology and especially our commitment to lead the AD2000 United Prayer Track [--> ] . Paul was able to see the big picture before we could. He emphatically told us that we were foolish to think that we could run the Prayer Track just as a sideline to what we were doing in Fuller. The job was much bigger than we had imagined it would be, and it would continue to grow. He advised us to start our own ministry. Interestingly enough, Cindy Jacobs had suggested such a thing to us previously, and we had decisively rejected the idea. My response to Paul was that we couldn't start our own ministry, because we had no money. I was simply a seminary professor. Then Paul said, "If you start your own ministry, you will have enough money. I'll provide it for you!" I said, "How much?" He replied, "I'll cover your whole budget!" Doris and I were flabbergasted. And that is how Global Harvest Ministries (GHM) was born [--> ] !
Now we had to start making the necessary adjustments. We would need to incorporate as a 501(c)3, which we did in December 1991. Doris would have to resign from the seminary staff and become the COO/CFO of the new organization. We had to write a business plan and project a budget. Strategies were needed to build a longterm donor base. A mailing list would be essential. How about a staff?
Even before Doris resigned from Fuller, we knew that we would have to answer that last question about staff sooner rather than later. Our agreement with Fuller was that Doris would continue her duties as my personal assistant in her new Position, but with her salary coming from GHM. However, with the added responsibilities of the Prayer Track she would then need an office manager, whom God provided in the person of Jean Van Engen [--> ] , the wife of one of our SWM faculty colleagues. Their first office was the dining room of our home in Altadena. The whole transition was severely complicated by a very rough and painful replacement of Doris's right knee. Paul Traxel had volunteered to secure our permanent facility, and he chose an upscale modern office building four blocks from the seminary, which was occupied by a bank with most of the other tenants attorneys. Paul also furnished the office for us. The Doris and Jean team ably and efficiently carried the management and administration of Global Harvest Ministries until we moved from California to Colorado in 1996. [--> was hat Paul Traxel zu der Zeit in Deutschland gemacht, während er diesen Verführern geholfen hatte?]
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The Invitation to Colorado Springs
In chapter 8, I told all about Luis Bush and how we joined forces with him in coordinating the United Prayer Track of the AD2000 Movement, which by design was scheduled to operate only until the year 2000. One thing I didn't mention was that Luis's headquarters were in Colorado Springs where he frequently called us track coordinators together for meetings. In one of those meetings, Doris and I met Ted Haggard, founding pastor of New Life Church, a missions-minded megachurch. We became friends, and whenever we were in Colorado Springs, we attended New Life.
During the AD2000 leaders' meeting in December 1993, Ted and his wife, Gayle, invited Doris and me to lunch. He shared with us a longstanding burden he had felt for establishing a World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs, and he challenged us to begin to pray about being a part of it. He argued that the effectiveness of Global Harvest Ministries and the United Prayer Track could be measurably enhanced by shifting our base to a World Prayer Center. We prayed, our intercessors prayed, and by December 1994, we agreed in principle to move ahead. We scheduled a meeting for February 23, 1995, to get together in Colorado Springs and make the final decision.
There were some important details to care for in the interim. First we increased the level of personal intercession on our behalf. Then I met with my dean of the Fuller School of World Mission and negotiated arrangements for me to continue to teach my full load (plus!) of seminary courses by commuting to Pasadena for week-long intensives throughout the year.
As planned, we held our meeting with Haggard in New Life Church on February 23, joined by George Otis, Jr., of The Sentinel Group, who at the time was committed to join us in the project. We put all of our thoughts, positive and negative, on the table, and then we came to financing. The architect had estimated a cost of between $3 million and $4 million for the building. So we made a telephone call to Paul Traxel in Germany, the man whom you will recall helped us to start Global Harvest Ministries in 1991. We cast the vision to Paul, and before we had finished the call, he had committed $1.5 million to start the project! Doris and I looked at each other and said, "There's no turning back!"

Grossing the Rockies
We planned on an 18-month period to get ready to move. Many details had to be cared for, including, of course, selling our house and finding a place to live in Colorado Springs. We retained a realtor from New Life Church, and Doris flew to Colorado Springs. She found a house on eight acres of Ponderosa pines in the Black Forest area that she liked. When she called, I changed my travel plans and quickly flew to be with her in Colorado Springs. I liked the house as well, so we made an offer, but someone else had just bid more, and we lost it.
We were sad, but here is where intercessors come into the picture. We went house hunting again, and we did find one house that I liked, but Doris had serious reservations. You've got to understand that I am a buyer, not a shopper! My attention span, even for finding a house, is very short. On the other hand, Doris has the persistente to look and look until she knows it's right. So in order to help solve our family dispute, we agreed to call in our intercessors. It so happened that Cindy Jacobs, who was by then located in Colorado Springs, was holding a conference at which four of our I-2 intercessors happened to be present—Cindy herself, Chuck Pierce, Beth Alves and Jean Steffenson. So we were able to load all six of us into a van and visit the property that I liked. None of the intercessors liked it at all! In fact, some were spiritually repulsed! Doris won! It turned out, however, to be a good thing.
Why? On our way back, Doris insisted that we all take a look at the property we had lost, which we did. The eight-acre lot next door had a "For Sale" sign, but Doris and I had asked about it previously and we were told that a physician had purchased it. Nevertheless, Cindy said in an authoritative, prophetic voice, "Doris, you take the phone and call that number!" Doris did, and the owner seemed open to talk about it!
My problem, however, was that I did not at all desire to supervise the complicated process of constructing a new home from the next time zone. But Beth Alves spoke up and suggested that perhaps Ralph Femrite, who had just retired as a colonel from the Air Force in Colorado Springs, would be willing to supervise it. Ralph's wife, Tommi, happened to be another one of our I-2 intercessors. I said, "If Ralph will do it and if we can make a deal, let's go for it!" That van ride turned out to be an extremely important event in our lives. Ralph was willing, and the upshot is that we have been living in our dream home since we moved to Colorado Springs in June 1996. Once again, thank God for intercessors!

Ready to Move
Not long after we began Global Harvest Ministries, one of my Fuller students, a Japanese-American, Kay Hiramine, came on board as a volunteer. Before he arrived at Fuller, Kay had been in the business world, and at one point he was the number-one salesman for Proctor & Gamble Food Division in the nation. Kay noticed that we had been doing all our conferences through The Charles E. Fuller Institute, but GHM itself was suffering financially. It didn't take him long to suggest that we shift to doing our conferences through GHM, which we did. We asked him to come on staff full time to head up our new GHM Ministries Division. He also developed our resource center, which we called The Arsenal. These were good moves because they greatly increased our revenue flow.
We had finalized our Plans to move to Colorado Springs in June 1996, but two months before, in April, we received some shocking news. Paul Traxel informed us that he could not deliver on his promise to provide our initial $1.5 million for the World Prayer Center! Paul, as we knew, was in close partnership with his father and brother in all their enterprises. No important decision could be made without unanimous consent of the three. They had all been in favor of the $1.5 million gift until something happened in Germany. Remember that I explained how we became involved in strategic-level spiritual warfare and the Spiritual Warfare Network, back in chapter 7? I also brought up the severe Opposition from some like the Fuller Seminary theology professors. Well, it turns out that a German theologian, Wolfgang Buehne, wrote a book in German arguing that Peter Wagner was a heretic because of his views on warfare. Paul's father received a copy of the book, took it at face value and proceeded to veto the agreement for the promised gift to Wagner, the heretic! Paul profusely apologized, but his hands were tied. [--> Was für ein Narr dieser Wagner, dieser möchte-gern-Prophet. Er ist einer dieser vielen falschen, gefährlichen Propheten!]

Wolfgang Bühne, Dritte Welle
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This, of course, postponed initiating the construction of the World Prayer Center, for which we had conducted a high-profile groundbreaking ceremony in December 1995, attended by more than 500 celebrities from the prayer movements of Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America as well as North America. We had hoped the WPC would be ready for us to move into before we arrived in Colorado, but no such thing!
At the time of our WPC groundbreaking, we also held another powerful private groundbreaking and anointing ceremony for the eight acres in the Black Forest area where we were going to build our home. Our family, almost all of our I-1 and I-2 intercessors, and several others were with us. We worshiped the Lord, anointed the boundaries with oil, took communion, and opened the heavens over the property. All this contributed to our very comfortable and peaceful homestead, including waterfalls, an antique tractor collection, a 115-year-old log cabin we use as rustic guest quarters, a half mile of ATV trails through the woods, a 9-hole Frisbee golf course, horseshoe pits, flowers in the summer time and a llama named George.
In partial compensation for the delay in construction, Paul Traxel agreed to cover the rent of temporary facilities in Colorado Springs for GHM offices until the World Prayer Center was completed, plus paying for the move of our office furniture, as well as moving us and our staff members from Pasadena to Colorado Springs, which he did. For the first year, Doris secured office space in a commercial building; then when the lease was terminated, David C. Cook Communications very generously leased us empty space in their facilities for the second year at $1 per year! We still thank God for David C. Cook coming to our rescue!

--> Hat jemand die Zeit und Möglichkeit, es zu übersetzen?

Paul Traxel im Buch von C Peter Wagner
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